SFS15 Snowboard Highlights from Stop #2 in Telluride, CO

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The second stop of the Subaru Freeride Series went down on Saturday, March 7. Watch the wild runs of women and men snowboarders who rose to the top.

Women's Snowboard

1. Camila Brown, Salt Lake City, UT- 124.67

2. Lynn Neil, Heber City, UT- 121.00

3. Laura Dewey, Snowbird, UT- 120.00

Men's Snowboard

1. Jonathan Penfield, Pemberton, BC- 144.00

2. Gabriel Gibbs, Anchorage, AK- 142.33

3. Morris Hogan, Snowmass, CO- 137.50


The competition began with women's snowboarding. Camila Brown of Salt Lake City, UT chose an excellent line enabling her to maintain high speed while executing fluid turns. She also made excellent use of playful fall line features at the bottom of the venue. With two days of solid competition, the judges gave her a total combined score of 124.67.

In the men's snowboard division, Jonathan Penfield of Pemberton, BC accomplished his second Subaru Freeride Series win of the season with a total combined score of 144.00. Penfield is a highly thoughtful and calculated competitor who understands what the judges are looking for and plans lines he can solidly deliver.

I'm definitely stoked to be the current point leader after taking two wins this year," exclaimed Penfield. "It's great to come to Telluride for my first time and hit it with amazing conditions. There's a really cool community here."

The crowd was absolutely gripped while watching the winners of the coveted Backcountry.com Sickbird Award. "Winning the Sickbird belt buckle is freakin' unreal and came out of no where. It's a huge honor for sure with a lot of energy around the award," explained Gibbs, "The rest of the field crushes it and they had me super stoked to go ride my line."

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