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4:00pm hit today and I was out of work. Headed home to Phoenixville, PA. Took the FZ-09 in today so had some fun while making my way back home, no I did not break any laws, and yes I was safe... Lets call today my first day of my next chapter in life. "West Cost here I come" is my mindset right now. Today I got home, got the camera gear ready and grabbed my bike. Off I went to the trails of Phoenixville, which by the way are a hidden gem! Anyways, I packed light, only brought my tripod and my new Canon 5D Mark III. I only wanted to take some pictures today at a place that has been stuck in my head for some time now. Ever since I discovered it a few weeks back I just had to revisit. There was fun to have along the way though. Racing down the streets of Phoenixville jumping curb after curb, peddaling even harder to get to the bottom. When I arrive I was met with some heavy traffic but hey I am on a mountain bike.... cya traffic! I finally have made it to Pickering Creek Inn and made my way to the trails. I head to the railroad tracks to cross the bridge, usually I would cross at the water but I didn't want to take the chance with my camera gear on me. So the rocky bridge was my route. I finally made it to the trail, sliding down the downhill through all the small rocks, hitting the dirt and then taking off. Man do I love the skinny trials with brush all around you as you fly past it all and keep your eyes up to see all the damn roots popping out of the ground. Now who the hell knows if I am allowed back here because there is a gate I have to go around everytime, but do I really care??? NOPE! On I go, crossing some type of cement fixture, once I cross that its back to the dirt and I am haulin ass! About 3/4 of a mile down the trial you get to an open section where you can look out at the water, and of course I see people out there with their boats and now I am wishing I had one... down the road I suppose. The trail from here till the spot I want to reach is very open and boring but nice senery. I cruise through this section to finally reach my destination. I arrive and set up my tripod and camera to adjust for the lighting and try to figure out how I want to frame the shot. Now here is why this article is called "Selfie Take One" I have never done this before. As in taken pictures of me with my camera with the timer set. If you know anything about the Canon 5D you know it only has a 10s Timer without the remote, sooo 10s it was to get set and ready for Selfie number one! Honestly this wasn't so bad, I wish I had someone else to take pictures of but hey work with what you got sometimes. My first shot was almost exactly what I was looking for.

If I had some else there I could work with the positioning more, but it was hard to know what I looked like when rushing up there and getting set, but hey this was a cool learning experience. If you ask me the picture came out pretty cool, I love the symetry of the shot, and how it all leads to me being in the center. I went with a very sharp look to help the lines pop and give it that industrial feel. Picture after picture I kept trying new things. I am pretty happy with the outcome.

After I was finished with my first selfie photoshoot, I made my way back home to Phoenixville. This new chapter is one I have been wanting to do for some time now. Knowing what I want to do now and seeing some kind of path in the right direction has defientily motivated me. This day was about starting this journey and hopfully in the near future I will be making my way to the West Coast!

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