Secrets of the Slopes: 4 Tricks That Make Your Ski Resort Visit Enjoyable and Efficient

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Enjoying a fresh layer of powder on the ski slopes is your favorite way to spend the weekend. Unfortunately, you're not the only person to have that same idea this weekend. Long lines and huge crowds can really take the fun out of a mini ski vacation. Luckily for you, there are clever tips and hacks that you can use to maximize your fun at the ski resort and on the slopes.

Optimize Your Parking

One of the first challenges you'll encounter when arriving at your chosen ski resort will be finding a parking spot. Everyone loves to go skiing, so ski resort parking lots fill up quickly. You should aim to arrive earlier in the day. This will help you beat the late afternoon rush of ski enthusiasts and guarantee you a prime parking spot. It'll also be wise for you to park in the back of the parking lot. This area is further away from the ticket booths, but many ski resorts will have courtesy shuttles that offer rides to people stranded in the far corners of the parking area. These shuttles are a quick and effortless way for you to reach the ticket booth.

Size Matters

When you begin looking for the best ski resort to visit on your weekend off, it's understandable that you would immediately look into visiting one of the larger and more popular ski resorts in your area. While this will offer you many large and challenging ski slopes, it will also cause you to endure long lines, crowded lifts, and overused slopes. You can beat the crowds and maximize your fun by choosing a smaller, less popular ski resort. These ski resorts tend to be less popular due to their slopes presenting fewer challenges. Another possible reason for ski resorts to attract fewer visitors is that their resort is harder to get to. Regardless of why the ski resort attracts a smaller amount of visitors, you're still going to be able to enjoy some fresh powder and a hot cup of cocoa at the end of your run.

Where You Ski

Ski resorts carefully choose which sections of the mountain to prepare for their skiing and snowboarding visitors. These sections are carefully blocked off with fences or markers, and the pathways are maintained by professional equipment for optimal snow density on the slopes. This also means that these designated slopes will be crowded with skiers. For those who have a touch of boldness in them, you can dare the slopes in the backcountry of the ski resort. These areas are not for the faint of heart. These slopes are not maintained, not fenced off, and are usually out of the field of view of an outdoor security camera. These cameras are meant not only to prevent theft and criminal issues, but also for the safety of the resorts guests. Consider what it means to be outside of range before taking the adventure on your own. There are special gates that prevent skiers from accidentally wandering onto these backcountry slopes. Once you're through the gates, you're entirely on your own with regards to safety. This part of the ski resort will have no lines, no crowds, no lifts, and no limits. Before you gear up and hit these backcountry slopes, be sure to brush up on tips and advice for braving them.

When You Ski

Enjoying the slopes isn't just dependant upon where you ski. It is also dependant upon when you ski. There are certain times during the day where the crowds at the ski resort will be dramatically reduced. Noon is the time of day when cold and hungry skiers will begin to file into the local restaurants to eat lunch. This leaves the slopes empty and the lines for the lifts short. Nighttime skiing is also a prime time to enjoy empty slopes and freshly groomed snow.

While you're busy planning the details of your ski resort visit, don't neglect to pack the proper gear for your time on the slopes. Gear that you forget to bring can be purchased from stores at the ski resort, but they'll be incredibly expensive. You want to avoid these extra and unnecessary expenses.

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