Searching for new Terrain

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Over the past few weeks, McIntosh has been rallying around the Pemberton backcountry looking for new terrain for us to film.. With Adam Clark and Rory Bushfield, we've dug out some sleds, punched through some creekbeds, and even watched AC's sled do an epic tree run..... Now we've got some sick new terrain lined up and are just waiting for conditions to allow for a serious crushing.

Here are a few shots from our travels .....

McIntosh unloads**McIntosh unloads in the AM**

McIntosh on top of Line**Ian on top of a line on the Icecap**

McIntosh gets a shuttle**Quick tandem to the ridge**

kicks out some movement on Locomotive **Mac getting some snow moving on Locomotive Peak**

McIntosh and Bushfield on top of Line**Rory and Mac on the ridge**

going deeper for new terrain**Halfway between Somewhere, Bushy and Ian take a break, on the hunt for new Terrain**

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