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Photo: Mark Warner

Sean Pettit is a busy guy. We met up with Sean during Oakley week at Whistler Blackcomb during the launch of their new Prizm goggle line.

He opened up to us about being in the spotlight as a star in the skiing world since he was 11 and how he's had to grow up avoiding the fate of the child star stereotype. Sean talks to us about moving to Whistler when his family split and now reconnecting with his Dad, Groovemeister, while documenting it all for his "Keep Your Tips Up" web series which he is currently filming Season 2 episodes for.

When Sean isn't travelling the world skiing and having cameras of all kinds aimed at him, he finds solace at his house nestled in the forest in Whistler BC where he can disconnect and be himself. It's a great place to be comfortable as he needs a good place to rest after spending time serving tables and pouring drinks at his restaurant Legs Diamond which is located in Whistler's Upper Village.

Sean has a lot things going on and we can expect to benefit from it. "I consider myself an entertainer almost more than a professional skier". Thanks for keeping us entertained Sean. Keep your Tips up!

Photo Courtesy of Oakley


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