Santa Rosa in Las Lenas

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I had the pleasure to experience the Santa Rosa hit Las Lenas this year and am now fully hooked on it.




**Top of Eduardo's**

Filming in WINDY Las Lenas

**It can get a little WINDY in Las Lenas**

Me shredding near the Sombero

**Three runs on a powder day is something to be proud of at just a handful of resorts in the world.**

Asado at Jose's. I ate some blood sausage.

**Jose hosted a traditional Asado. It was a tasty treat on the night of the big storm.**

Near the top of Cerro Martin

**Jenn and I near the top of Cerro Martin. The entrance was steep, firm and exposed. Glad to be a regular footer on that one.**


**I bought my plane ticket for Mendoza to Santiago back in May, for $29.50USD. This view of Aconcagua out of that plane's window, topped off the trip.**

Mendoza for 2 days.

**Towards the end of the trip meals were steak twice a day and wine every night. A day in Mendoza to culturize was helpful.**

Jerk spotted with rental gear and jeans.

**The Jerk sighting.**

Cool cactus at 10,000'.

**It was really helpful to see the terrain before the 60cm storm came in. On the first blue day after the storm, even with a rapid increase in temperatures, the danger was more from hidden rocks than Avys.**

Valle Hermosa, Las Lenas Argentina

**Valle Hermosa**

**Santa Rosa, knocking on Lenas' door.**

**The timing of the Santa Rosa couldn't have worked out any better. It was awesome to feel a little cold snow in the face this time of year.**

**Bottom of Cerro Martin shredding with the crutch.**

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