Sander Hadley Blasts Shit F*#k Conditions

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Earlier this month we witnessed the balls-out skiing of Johan Jonsson, whose quest to create a "likebomb" video in the meager early-season conditions around the Swiss Alps led him to crank the DINs to a femur-snapping 19 and charge conditions full of ice, crust, refrozen mank, and even bare rocks with a speed, commitment, and fluidity that set the internet ablaze. With most of your feed usually taken up by TGR posts promoting the mostly epic blower and all-time conditions, it was great to be able to post about somebody going for it in the marginal conditions we spend the majority of our weekends skiing any given winter. But kids - definitely don't try that at home.

Young Pocatello, Idaho native Sander Hadley is living in SLC these days and trying to make a name for himself as a pro shredder, and no doubt took a cue from Johan to put out his own POV edit of him going for broke at Snowbird during the area's recent snowfall drought - rocks, trees, shrubs, and awful snow be damned. Is this what it takes to make it as a new-age pro these days?!?

But the bigger question is this: who blasted sh*t f*#k conditons better??

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