Safety Tips While Exploring Outdoor By Motorcycle

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Do you wish to reduce risks that come with driving on outdoors? Riding a bike is 20 times riskier than driving an ordinary car. This alone explains why every motorist should prioritize safety more than anything else. Motorcycle riding is an undebated thrilling experience. They are relaxed and fuel-efficient.

Regrettably, with escalating levels of carelessness motorbikes have contributed to most fatal accidents on the road. Riding a motorcycle should not be a game of cheating death you need to take a step today and protect yourself. Most of the current innovations have been directed towards making motorbikes safer for you.

Therefore, before thinking of going to the road to have fun, the following are simple safety tips that you must observe:

1. Get the right gear

Our generation has focused more on looking classy to the extent of wearing shorts and flops while cycling. That is not being safe at all. In case of an accident, your shorts won't give you even the minimum protection. Therefore, it is essential to look for bikers gear which is usually designed to protect your skin in case of an accident.

Most companies have advanced from leather gear to vented jackets which keeps you fresh and safe on the road. Such gear is made from lightweight, breathable materials but they have been heavily armored in areas along the spine, torso, elbows, and shoulders. Get one for yourself to be safe on the road.

2.Safety-enhancing innovation

New technologies have led to an awareness that road safety is essential to motorists and other road users. Here are some common innovations that back up your safety on the road:

  • Safer helmets-Helmets play a crucial role when it comes to road safety. Due to evolving technology, these helmets have been fitted with in-built motorcycle GPS systems and cameras to show front and rear views to avoid blind spots. Don’t worry if you don’t have a helmet like that, you can buy motorcycle GPS separately.
  • Airbag vests and jackets-Motorcycle clothing manufacturers have improved motorist gear. Sensors have been fitted on this clothing to detect the impact thus deploying airbags immediately.
  • LED lighting-It provides greater visibility on the road which plays a crucial role in enhancing safety.
  • Boots-They is often overlooked, but they are vital for your safety. In the past injuries have occurred due to poor boots but the manufacturers have made a milestone step in providing flexible and shock absorbing boots to address this problem.

These are some innovations that can make you safer on the road.

3.Ride within your skills

Riding a motorbike is based on skills Which take time to be an expert rider. Therefore, to be safe ride within your skill level. You might have witnessed some motorist riding super-fast on curvy roads, weaving in and out of traffic but that doesn't mean you should give it a try. You might experiment on them only to meet your demise.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, I recommend that you find a competent school that offers riding courses where you can have an opportunity to learn some of these maneuvers.

4. Avoid Bad weather

Weather changes are beyond human control. Therefore, the best thing that you can do or is to avoid riding your motorcycle on lousy weather. There are numerous dangers a motorist is exposed to by riding on icy or wet roads.

When planning for your outdoor activities take time to monitor the weather first. If weather forecast has foretold probability of rain or snow showers just postponed it for some other day.

5.Inspect your motorbike

Before coughing up the engine, there is a structural inspection before taking a ride. You should check on tire pressure, lights, and mirrors, bolts, and brake system. Taking a quick look on your bike can give you an idea that there are missing bolts, leakage and other mechanical hazards that can pose a threat while on the road. To prevent some of these hitches you need regular maintenance.

6. Leave Enough space on the road.

One of the mistakes that motorists do is not leaving enough space for other road users. You don’t have to assume that bikes are smaller and they don’t require a large area. Failure to observe this can lead to accidents because most bikes haven’t been fitted with anti-lock brakes.

Therefore, leave a reasonable distance between your bike and the vehicle in front and be keen by keeping an escape route open.

7. Avoid distractions

Riding motorbike requires you to be in a proper mental state. You should stay hyper-aware of everything that is going on on the road. Some truck drivers are arrogant, and they fail to consider the existence of motorbikes on the road.

Therefore, if you are fiddling with your phone or you have your headphones on you are exposing yourself to colliding with other vehicles.

8.Observe all traffic laws

Most accidents that occur on the road is as a result of negligence and reckless driving due to failure to observe traffic rules. Therefore, to be safe, you first need to have an elementary knowledge of traffic rules. After that, don’t ignore any road sign or a warning because they form an integral part of your safety while on the road.

9. Don't overload

Who doesn’t want to ride along with a hottie on the back? Ensure you don’t overcrowd your passengers to the extent that you are not in full control of the bike. You need to provide protective gears like the helmet and let them feel relaxed for you to negotiate corners comfortably. Ladies tense up especially while on motorbikes, and they can make an unexpected move which can cause an accident.

10.Ride within the speed limits

Different roads have different speed limits. Ensure you maintain these limits especially on climbing lanes and other road landscapes. Don't over speed until you can't control your bike in case of an emergency. You can ride fast but let the specification of the speed limit be your guide.


You will understand that safety is a paramount aspect on the road if you walk into a hospital an find a disabled person who was once walking like you. Don't let yourself learn from other peoples mistakes while you still have an opportunity to rectify on the same. Observe these tips, and I guarantee you will be safe when cruising during your outdoor activities.

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