Rob Machado Helped Launched the First 100% Biodegradable Cooler

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They're biodegradable and resuable—a win-win for the environment. Igloo Photo.

We already knew that Rob Machado was one solid guy—you know, the kind that generously gives away custom made surfboards to ripping groms. If that wasn’t enough to love him, here’s one more reason: Machado is helping to introduce the first 100% biodegradable cooler with Igloo.

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It should come as no shock that plastics are becoming a big problem, particularly for the ocean. Based off of humanity’s current plastic usage, the ocean is projected to have more plastic than fish by 2050. Unless we want to catch surf in a sea of plastic bags and garbage, it’s best to start making impactful changes to our lifestyle. For Machado that meant rethinking something as simple as a cooler, which is a staple at the beach during the summertime. Turns out those stereotypical white styrofoam coolers—which are actually made of plastic—are not the friendliest for our environment.

For one, you simply can’t recycle it, so it only adds more waste to landfills. Secondly, since it’s 95% air, it can easily float through our waterways. When it makes its way to the ocean it’s often ingested by marine life. If you need a visceral example just watch this otter pup choke on a piece of styrofoam—thankfully the critter survives by throwing it up.

According to the Adventure Sports Network, Igloo is now providing a planet-friendly alternative. Their biodegradable cooler known as “RECOOL” is on the market for an affordable $9.95 and can be found at REI stores starting May 1st. Machado is one of the brand’s first ambassadors, perfectly aligning with his outspoken passion for sustainability. In addition to working with Igloo, his eco-focused foundation has installed bottle-refilling stations in 22 public places in hopes of eliminating single-use plastic products.

So, on this Earth Day, save some otters and help the ocean by rethinking everyday choices in your lifestyle. Whether it’s a reusable bottle or biodegradable cooler, in the end, it all makes a difference.

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