Roadside runs in Alaska

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Roadside runs in Alaska from The Provo Bros

In April of 2013, we returned to Anchorage from a ten day glacier camping trip to find the city still locked within the grips of the Alaskan winter. After securing the cheapest rental car in town, and enough quesadilla supplies for 3 weeks, we gunned our little Nissan sentra up to the pass and setup camp. With clear skies overhead, and cold, stable powder under foot every single day, the conditions were prime. Driving through the Kenai Mountains, it wasn't hard to find plenty of spines and faces to ride within a comfortable walking distance of the rental. While the Helicopters control much of the terrain in the area, there was still plenty of big low hanging fruits to snatch up on foot.

filmed with Canon 5DMKIII and GoPro

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