Reasons to go to Chile with evo

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Experience amazing skiing, snowboarding, landscapes, culture and food in the Southern Hemisphere…it is guaranteed to be a good time. And better yet we are doing all the planning for you. Yes, everything is planned out for you; you’ll even be accompanied by two leaders from evo!

In case you’re still on the fence about it, don’t be…you won’t regret mountain biking in Chile. Here are 33 reasons to go!

Plus, if you book before April 30, 2015, you will save $300.

1- It’s THE greatest gift you can give to yourself or a friend. EVER.

2- Skiing in the summer is awesome!

3- Don’t drive your spouse/parents/roommates crazy this summer. Go to Chile. Or better yet, bring them with you.

4- Practice a foreign language (hint: it’s Spanish).

5- You will get to spend more time with your family or get away from your mother-in-law.

6- The exchange rate is awesome! Many restaurants offer a 2-course lunch for about 3500 pesos or about $6!

7- Feast! Chile has some of the best wine and seafood in the world…yum.

8- Going to Chile will allow you to put your tax return to good use!

9- Your selfies will be sooo much better than all your friends. #evoTrip #Chile #WishYouWereHere

10- Faceshots in August.

11- The best yerba maté for days (it’s a tasty beverage, not unlike coffee and tea).

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

12- Pre-conditioning for our winter season!

13- Your snowboard or skis get really lonely during the summer.

14- Not only can you make up for days you didn’t get on the mountain, you can experience Chile’s capital, Santiago!

15- You’ll experience toilets flushing in the other direction…or do they?

16- Mayo on hot dogs.

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

17- Everything is planned already, so you can focus on having an amazing time!

18- Look at this lodge. Picture yourself in it.

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

Rocanegra Lodge in Las Trancas

Rocanegra Lodge in Las Trancas evoTrip

Pick your room. Imagine yourself looking out the window.

Rocanegra Lodge in Las Trancas, evoTrip Chile

So nice.

19- Ride straight to hot springs after your day on the hill.

20- Make new friends!


33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

22- Latin women. Latin men.

23- Check it off your bucket list!

24- If you book before April 30th you save $300! Book Now>

25- Your friends are already going.

26- Caballero hats.

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

27- Your spouse says its OK, he/she told us.

28- “If you don’t go now, you’ll be one year older when you do!” -Warren Miller

29- In Chile, you might get to hug a pudu, the world’s smallest deer.

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile


30- Save on air conditioning this summer.

31- Treat yo’self!

32- You won’t regret it when you are telling the story to your kids.

33- Our old intern Max has been there! Look at that smile.

33 reasons to go on evotrip chile

Don’t worry, he’s German.

There you have it! You have to go. See you south of the equator this August!

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