Rat Race Recap: Banked Slalom Takes Over A Very Dry Mt. Hood

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Mt. Hood isn't having its greatest summer. Between the Pacific Northwest's lackluster winter and June's blisteringly hot temperatures, Hood looks more like the end of August than the middle of July.

That said, the Drink Water crew still managed to build a super-fun, super-bermy banked slalom course for their fourth annual fundraiser, the Rat Race. It's impressive to see how some of the biggest names in snowboarding–like Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, and Josh Dirksen–handle this course so gracefully. It's also impressive to see how some of them absolutely ate shit miscalculating landings and coming in too hot on doubles.

The Rat Race helps to fund people who do not have access to clean drinking water. If you are interested in contributing to their cause, visit the Give Water donation page.

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