Rahlves' Banzai Tour 2nd round Kirkwood

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Rahlves' Banzai Tour Kirkwood

Nuking winds lowered the start for The Eagle Bowl Banzai taking out the GNAR upper pitch off The Wall. A lower bush league start with cattle fence stakes and a voice command start brought back the grass roots feeling of my first thoughts of what the Banzai is all about. The shortened course made for close battles to the finish line. It's hard for me to sit back and watch all the fun these guys are having, but I do get some skiing in and run a Contour GPS to capture the action for all of you. In the Men's Ski Final it came down to Alpine winner Markus Caston and 4th place Jesse Maddex against new comers Craig Garbiel and John Bocheneck. If Jesse stayed on his feet (sorry..ha,ha,ha can't help it) out of the start I might have had a better view of the Markus and Craig scuffle. I did get a glimpse of the explosion. It was a scrap to the finish for Craig who came in 2nd behind John. Jesse's never give up approach landed him in third and is now ranked 2nd in Overall Rahlves' Banzai Tour points and a chance at $3,500 for the overall title. Caston leads the tour going into the final round at Sugar Bowl March 12-13.1st Bocheneck $2000, a Contour GPS and Suunto CORE - 2nd Craig Garbiel $1000 and Giro Revolver helmet - 3rd Jesse Maddex $750 and Giro Station goggle - 4th Markus Caston $500 and Wend Wax. The Men's Snowboard overall race is the tighest with a tie for 1st. Jayson Hale winner from Kirkwood and Sylvain Duclos our Alpine winner are just 10 points ahead of Matt Clark. If Matt wins the Silver Belt Banzai he will take the overall and $3,000. Women's Ski also has a tie for 1st. My sister Shannon and Shelly Robertson are at the top with 160 points fighting for $2,500. Women's Snowboard Marge Cossettini and Alison Martin tie for 1st at 100 points each. The 3rd and final round will have plenty of intensity for the win and overall titles. To top it off I'll be taking on Markus Caston, John Bocheneck and the winner from the Silver Belt Banzai in one final run for $10,000 winner takes all. www.rahlvesbanzai.com

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