Prospect starts manufacturing snowboards in Madison Wisconsin

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Prospect Snowboard PressProspect is excited to announce the opening of our new factory and with that we’re stoked to introduce our new press, Elvis Presssley. He’s one of the only presses in the Midwest and keeps things hot. We’ll be inside the top ten U.S. manufacturers within the first year. To get off the ground, we’re colabing with Monson Snowboards based in California to deliver high end aspen/bamboo cores to our line of boards, customs, shop, and factory decks. To go with Prospect’s theme of awesome, we have some fresh board shapes to go with the solid standards. Our new dual camber shapes still have the easy ride of reverse camber with the pop of regular camber. Our C6 board has serrated edges for grip on ice and to keep the edges sharp. Along with these we have regular, reverse and flat camber designs. One of the many, many, many, many, sick things about Prospect is our ability to cater to you. For riders, we have the ability to take your board graphic dreams and make them legit. Think about it. Cruising through the park hitting bangers with your own graphics. You’re already ten times more rad just thinking about it. For shops and small brands, we have the ability to create short runs of custom boards with graphics to fit what your need. We cater to you with on time shipment of high quality awesome products.

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