Promote BASE Education in the Name of Someone Who Loved to Ski

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Hello Everyone-

In 2005 an avalanche caused a good friend to pass away while skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO. In his name his mother is trying to win a contest Pepsi is sponsoring that will promote BASE (Backcountry Avalanche safety education and training). All of your support would be great. The link below will bring you to the voting page. It only take a few seconds and costs nothing. You can even text to vote. It will mean a lot to everyone who has lost someone in a similar tragedy. The worst that can happen is we promote BASE the best is this family wins $50K in their sons name to help promote this cause through Pepsi.

Please help the Gebhardt family keep the mountains as safe as possible for all! God Bless and thank you for your support!

Promote BASE -backcountry/ avalanche safety education and training. | Pepsi Refresh Everything

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