Pro Surfer Ricardo Dos Santos Dies of Gunshot Wounds in Brazil

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According to The Inertia, Brazilian professional surfer and master goofy-foot tube rider Ricardo Dos Santos has succumbed to gunshot wounds suffered during an altercation at a beach in Praia da Guarda do Embau, near Palhoca, Brazil. Dos Santos was shot three times in the stomach in an altercation on the beach, possibly by a 25-year old military police officer on vacation, and despite four emergency surgeries, succumbed to his injuries in a fit of cardiac arrest this morning.

According to the Brazilian news site Diário Catarinense, conflicting reports allege that Dos Santos was trying to stop a group of drug users on the beach when he was shot, while the report from the shooter alleges that he had parked his car in a construction area where Dos Santos, his grandfather, and two others were working, and that they threatened him with a machete. The shooter, who admitted to being drunk at the time and is admitting to a drug test, said the shots were fired in self-defense.

The family is planning to cremate the body, and Dos Santos' mother is hoping to spread part of his ashes in Hawaii, where the goofy foot won Surfline's Wave of the Winter in 2013 with a beautiful barrel ride at the Bonzai Pipeline. "He was good people," said fellow Brazilian surf pro Gabriel Medina on Instagram. "Always helping the next, with a smile from ear to ear every day, an exemplary person. May God comfort your family." Our condolences are extended to Dos Santos' friends and family.

Read more at The Inertia.

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