Planet Snow takes you heliskiing deep into untracked terrain

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At Last Frontier Heliskiing, we pride ourselves on our terrain. It’s at the heart of what we do. To showcase that terrain, each winter we pick a week, well in advance, and send a couple of athletes, a photographer and a filmmaker to spend a week doing what we do all winter long: shred pow in some of the most remote mountains on Earth. It’s a challenge to organize, and every year it’s a different week, so we never know what we’re going to get in terms of weather and snow. But that’s the kicker: We want them to see what you’ll see.

Behind the scenes

Josh about to be neck deep in a pillow fight. Photo - Grant Gunderson

Josh about to be neck deep in a pillow fight. Photo: Grant Gunderson

We got a little spoiled during our week last year, from the snow gods and from the company. Big-mountain skiers Lindsey Dyer and Josh Daiek joined award-winning filmmaker Grant Baldwin and one of skiing’s most accomplished photographers, Grant Gunderson, and spent the week tearing around our heli-ski area enjoying an epic week filming and skiing everything from pillow lines in the trees to wide-open glacier runs in the high country.

Miss Dyer enjoying the steep and deep. Photo: Grant Gunderson

Ms. Dyer enjoying the steep and deep. Photo: Grant Gunderson

Migration North

One of the perks of being a guide, especially when you're skiing with a couple of seasoned pros. Photo - Grant Gunderson

One of the perks of being a guide. Photo: Grant Gunderson

Our short feature this year is titled Planet Snow and it’s about a journey of sorts. From the moment we lift off in the early season, we think of our operation as a migration. Our staff and guests hail from all corners of the globe, and every year we make that journey to the frontier lands of Northern British Columbia.

Up here the snow is measured in meters, and our passion for the snow and our love of skiing is what drives us north, year after year.

About the Movie

No caption needed. Photo - Grant Gunderson.

Yep. I wanna go too. Photo: Grant Gunderson

This year, our film is something special. It wasn’t just an epic week; it was the first time for Lindsey, Josh and Grant Gunderson getting a taste of what Last Frontier Heliskiing is all about. Both athletes, who are no strangers to skiing some of the most sought-after terrain in the world, were happily blown away by what was on offer.

Contemplating the next lap. Having so much to choose from can make these decisions blissfully difficult. Photo - Grant Gunderson

Contemplating the next lap. Photo – Grant Gunderson

“The terrain at Last Frontier is endless. I’ve never seen so much diverse terrain in one area, from pillow lines to massive spines to epic tree skiing,” Lindsey echoed Josh’ sentiments. But don’t take their, or our, word for it. Have a look for yourself.

Bonus points if you can guess who’s doing the narration.

—D’Arcy Mcleish

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