Pipeline Demons: Photographing the Killer

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When Amber Mozo was just 9 years old, her father was killed photographing waves at Pipeline. For the next 13 years, she was haunted by that memory. Even while her own surf photography career was building, she was unable to re-enter the waters of Pipeline, because of the fear and sadness that was associated with that place.

Finally, she had a moment of clarity, where she realized that for her father to be willing to die photographing Pipeline, it must mean everything to him. With that realization, a mental shift happened, and it became very important for Amber to learn about the wave her father so cherished.

She got in touch with North Shore surf photographer Zak Noyle, and under his tutelage, began the journey to photographing Pipeline.

With the courage and mental toughness that came through his confidence and training, Amber was able to finally confront, understand, and forgive the wave that claimed her father's life.

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