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November 2, 2011

This is Part 2 of the photo series, "Fired Up For Winter."

— Adam Clark

It was another all-time winter for Teton Gravity Research and I was stoked to be a part of some great sessions. Going through my photos all summer is a blessing and a curse. Constantly looking back, I get stoked on the memories and can't wait for more winter. These are some of the out-takes that aren't going to be making the pages of any magazines or ads, but still some of my favorite photos.

I took the plunge and stayed in Pemberton, British Columbia, for four months. After countless drives back and forth over the years and never really getting the hang of a snowmobile, I decided it was time to get B.C. as good as possible and dedicate my time there. It paid off, even without many sunny days.

I was lucky to finish my season with the TGR crew in Juneau, Alaska. As seen from previous posts, we all got lucky. But it was also epic from the production side: We got to ski a lot. So, the season finished on a good note and I can only hope next season is half as good as last.

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Callum Pettit Airs A Jump

**Callum Pettit and Dana Flahr sessioned this jump in B.C. for a few hours before hitting some bigger lines. Always a pleasure to work with a crew that can do it all.**

Dana Flahr

**Dana Flahr fresh off a few hours of sleep coming back early from the TGR japan trip.**

Daron Rahlves

**Daron Rahlves is an animal, this is him just having a good time warming up for more in AK.**

Griffen Post

**Griffen Post enjoys some pow after digging a pit in AK. Often we land somewhere close to where we want to film. Someplace safe with similair aspects so that we can dig snow pits, drop a cornice and evaluate everything. Usually the zones we want to film are too gnarly to get on-slope. It's also an opportunity for me to shoot on-slope and get shots I usually don’t.**

Ian McIntosh Airs in BC

**This was an exploratory day with Rory Bushfield and filmer Rick Johnston. The four of us spent sunrise to sunset sledding, digging, getting stuck, finding our way through forest and creek beds, breaking trail. We brought extra gas, I crashed my sled into tree. But we got this one shot. We had a great adventure and found some spots for next year.**

Juneau spines

**There are some spines that were just fantasy when the skiers first looked at them. After skiing everything around them they started to ski them. Confidence, good snow and daily experience add up.**

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa airs in AK

**Ian is always looking at the gnarliest thing and Sage is always looking for the most fun. This is what Sage considers to be the most fun.**

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa skis spines in AK

**I guess Sage likes to get gnarly too… the bottom of some steep AK spines.**

Todd Ligare in Alaska

**Todd Ligare getting in the mix.**

Callum Pettit in Pemberton, B.C.

**The crew destroyed this zone as seen in “Live From The Field — Ian McIntosh’s Backyard.” Ian had been scoping it for years from the sled, but you can only get there by heli. Here, Callum Pettit rips it.**

Dana Flahr pillows

**We spent the morning shooting a jump, mid-day hitting cliffs and lines in the BC alpine. Everybody was tired when the clouds came in, but Ian and Dana couldn’t help themselves and had to hit these pillows on the way out. Dana got his Atomic ad here and I’m pretty sure had a really good time doing it.**

Daron Rahlves

**We found this gem of a zone at the very corner or our permitted zone, right on the edge of Canada. Daron hit this obvious line before getting super techy in the spines skiers right of this line.**

Ian McIntosh

**Ian has been on top of this line once before and it avalanched on him. So its been on his list since he started coming to this zone in BC. Its up high and by itself so usually has bad snow. It wasn’t part of the plan for this day, but after we shot some other stuff he thought it might be his last chance of the season to get it.**

Ian McIntosh So Stoked

**Ian pointing at his line, so stoked to finally cross it off the list.**

Daaron Rahlves and Ian McIntosh

**Daron and Ian walking back from a perfect day in the mountains.**

Griffen Post, Daron Rahlves, Ian McIntosh in AK

**Griffen, Daron and Ian lined up to crush it. The Three Sisters, I’m not sure why it got named that. ...**


**You can get here with a sled, but it’s a lot quicker with a heli. A zone in Pemberton, BC.**

Ian McIntosh Crashes In Alaska

**McIntosh loving life on a fantasy line.**

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa out runs his slough

**Sage outruns his slough after stomping three airs.**

Daron Rahlves

**Shooting out of the heli is always a pleasure. Daron is just rolling over into some steep mini flutes.**

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