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October 4, 2011

It was another all-time winter for Teton Gravity Research and I was stoked to be a part of some great sessions. Going through my photos all summer is a blessing and a curse. Constantly looking back, I get stoked on the memories and can't wait for more winter. These are some of the out-takes that aren't going to be making the pages of any magazines or ads, but still some of my favorite photos.

I took the plunge and stayed in Pemberton, British Columbia, for four months. After countless drives back and forth over the years and never really getting the hang of a snowmobile, I decided it was time to get B.C. as good as possible and dedicate my time there. It paid off, even without many sunny days.

I was lucky to finish my season with the TGR crew in Juneau, Alaska. As seen from previous posts, we all got lucky. But it was also epic from the production side: We got to ski a lot. So, the season finished on a good note and I can only hope next season is half as good as last.

These are just half of the photos. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

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Callum Pettit

**We were out sledding with Ian McIntosh, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Dana Flahr on the classic Rutherford glacier near Whistler. Callum Pettit and Sage hit a quick line right when we got to the alpine. This is Callum warming up.**

Callum Pettit

**Callum finding a pocket of fresh on a fun run while heli-skiing out of Pemberton, British Columbia. This was our second day attempting to find good snow after a major wind event. We found a little in the trees, but that was it. Called it a day after this run. It was also two or three below zero out.**

Callum Pettit Whistler

**Whistler, just like the rest of the West Coast, had an insanely deep winter. The best part for Whistler was that it was cold and snowed to the valley floor most storms. Just another epic day here.**

Dana Flahr

**This was shot after the first clearing of a bunch of weather days. Our first day heli-skiing out of Pemberton. If we had known how windy it was going to get we would have tried to stay out longer. But clouds were quickly coming in and it was a high pressure forecasted. Luckily, everybody was still stoked on the zone we found and we grabbed a few quick epic shots out of the heli.**

Dana Flahr

**It's crazy how many people are out sledding and filming around Whistler and Pemberton now. Luckily, the crew is always willing to go farther and work as hard as possible to find epic zones and good snow. This is Dana being rewarded for some hard work outside of Pemberton.**

Daaron Rahlves

**Daron Rahlves at the end of an epic day in Alaska. No filmers, 30 minutes before the heli came to get us. Just enjoying it all. It’s a big reason why all of us spend so much time and money for the TGR AK trips. Its fun!**

Daaron Rahlves in AK

**Daron getting dropped off on an Alaska spine wall.**

Griffen Post

**I saw Griffen Post at the airport when I was just getting to Juneau. He was leaving after spending a bunch of time and money getting no shots. Shut-down. He was bummed. Two weeks later he showed up eager and willing to try again. It payed off big time. Here he is having a run of a life time. Third or fourth lap in an epic spine zone.**

Ian McIntosh Pemberton

**We passed these pillows so many times on the sled in Pemberton. Ian McIntosh is always hungry for the biggest, burliest line as far away as possible. Here is a rare glimpse of Ian just having a good time.**

Ian McIntosh hucks

**Ian had a 3-day sledding, hucking and stomping spree. He couldn’t help himself, he would just line up every big cliff he could find. This is one of probably 20 hucks from the 3-day bender.**

Ian McIntosh hucks again

**Another one from Ian's 3-day cliff bender. Perfect conditions, still sending it at the end of the day.**

Ian McIntosh figure 8s

**This zone is a long heli ride from Juneau, Alaska. It's expensive to get there and hard to get the whole crew out. Right when we got there the milky clouds came in. Daron and Ian were standing on top of their lines just waiting for Todd Jones to make the call. We made the call to start heading back into town. If the weather comes in too heavy, it becomes dangerous. So Daron and Ian decide to make spine figure eights!**

In the helicopter with Adam Clark

**Always searching. Heli pilots are the unsung heroes of our AK trips.**

Adam Clark in Alaska

**The beginning of one of the best sessions I have ever shot.**

Ian McIntosh and Daron Rahlves in AK

**Ian and Daron lined up for some steep spine action. Shooting from straight across like this makes everything look steeper. I shot this zone a few times from a few different angles and from every one it looked this steep. They were basically free falling down.**

Todd Ligare and Griffen Post

**Ligare and Griffen showed up in AK and crushed it.**

On The Road In Pemeberton

**This is the road looking back to Pemberton from where we would snowmobile and heli-ski from — the daily commute for the Whistler crew. Not bad. Usually we would be driving this in the dark, but this when we got shut down by high winds.**

Ian and Sage in Pemberton

**Ian picking Sage up for another lap in Pemberton. When one of the skiers is on fire, has a jump or line they are working on, everybody else in the crew helps out to make it happen for them.**

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa in Pemberton BC

**Callum watching from up top as Sage has fun in Pemberton, BC.**

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa digs a pit in AK

**Avalanche safety is always on the mind. Sage getting to know the snowpack below a zone we shot at a lot in AK.**

Sage having fun in AK

**Sage having fun.**

Todd Ligare in Alaska

**This was pretty long AK line, I only had an angle for small part of it. Todd Ligare raging down the face**

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