Pathology: 25 Minutes Of The Funnerest Snowboarding Known To Powder

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The duo of Bryan Fox and Austin Smith ran around with Liam Gallagher last winter with a crew that puts the flippin' F-U in fun: Tim Eddy, Curtis Ciszek, Shaun McKay, Alex Yoder, Rube Goldberg, and Rip Zinger (don't we all wish we had that name?). Along with everyone else who goes to Japan, these guys go to Japan and make me want to sell my car, and my kidneys, to get there for a pow trip. No matter who rides there, the place just looks unbelievable. But few guys make riding anywhere look as fun as the Pathology crew, and this video just makes us want that 30" that's predicted for the Tetons by Monday night to get here immediately. Like now. So we can have a good time.

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