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No Friends on a POW Day

Many a digger, builder, groomer, and park staff have a small, playful bone to pick with all you public :p

You all have heard this right? Well, guess what!? You sheet-jibbers and wannabes are really great examples of this idea! You deserve an award for best misinterpretation in the snow world. Congrats!

Like all of you, us park crew folk, dream of slashin’ pow. Yet, when a storm hits and graces all of us with fluffy, white goodness, the park crew awakes to a white nightmare.

The park must open. We must ride pow. We must get up ridiculously early, dig for hours, rake our hearts out, and sacrifice our souls to the morning groomer to lay down few more, fresh passes in the buried park, all so we can shred it up!

Sadly, this does not always happen. Many a time we are out digging, clearing, sweating, and swearing (under our breath of course), that we cannot go slay the fresh with all you fat plankers and long boarders. And there we are, working ourselves into the ground so your precious park can open.

Are you living it up? NO, you are cruising by or through the park, beaching at us about how slow it is, how slow we are, how much it sucks, why WE suck at life, how you could do "like such a freakin' better job in like 20 minutes MAX, BRO", generally harassing us, and so on.

Clearly, we are not your friend on a pow day, but we reserve the right to think you are frikin’ ridiculous and need a life.

Pow Lovers Unite! Shred pow, not park!

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