Park Laments Parte Quatre

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Many a digger, builder, groomer, and park staff have a small, playful bone to pick with all you public :p

Let’s cut the bullsheet and get to the point of terrain parks. Terrain parks were built to fill a niche: up revenue and get them sheet-jibbers off the normal runs.

Risk management thought it would be better to pay someone to build shtuff for you all to mess yourselves’ up on and slap a sign saying “This shtuff is safer than the handrail to the rental shop, F-up at your Own Risk,” as opposed to continuing to stumble upon horribly constructed jumps, manipulated and mutilated down trees, and other mystery jibberific objects in the resort boundaries.

Traditionally, all freestyle skiing, hot dogging if you will, and riding has been done off piste, not on groomers. With dwindling and unpredictable snow packs, someone thought “Hey, what if we built stuff to attract those who are apparently so happy with so little (ha! little did they know what breed of whiners would spawn from this). We have all seen what they've done to the jibbables, and all of the A for effort, edits on youtube! Let’s create a spot on the mountain for them. They will stop sessioning our handrails and pissing off the bank-roll, butt turners, if only they have their space.”


So, we built it, now get your ash here and ride it.

Whiners, gapers, and posers...stay home and photoshop your hearts out...we all know the truth :P

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