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Greetings fellow crazies:

No that is NOT a pic from a crime scene, but I do feel like I was gravity, speed, torque and one binding that caught an edge while the other stubbornly stayed on.

Feb 22nd, a free ski day with friends on the North Face of Mt Snow, VT (I am otherwise an PSIA instructor at a lil bump in CT) I was having the run of my life and WHAM! End result was a shattered tibial plateau and dislocated knee. I was “rushed” to a trauma center where they implanted the Iron Maiden AKA external fixator for two weeks until swelling subsided. I’ve heard they sometimes removes these f***ers without aneasthia...really?!? My MD pinky swore this would not be the case, so I had surgery to: remove said Iron Maiden, install what looked like a Home Cheapo angle iron to screw bones fragments together, fix my old ACL graft (age 50) and repair my meniscus. All went very well, I even received a individually signed get well card from the hospital nursing staff...and I thought I was a snooty bitch

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