One for the Road - Japan

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The trip started off with smooth flights and the crew meeting up in Tokyo, Narita. From there we needed to catch an domestic flight to Sapporo, which was where all the fun began. First it started with the ANA counter girls denying all of our ski bags. They weren’t up to “code standards” and all weighed too much. So, we all boarded our flights expecting to see our bags days later. Just as we were settling in and creating a skiless contingency plan an airline official approached Greg Epstein from TGR and informed him the he wasn’t up to “code standards” either... Little did he know that he would be getting a free night in Tokyo after being pulled from the plane and kept over night due to a suspicious hard drive in his luggage. Luckily with a lot of arguing, negotiating, and explaining he got on a morning flight to meet us in Sapporo.

From there we jumped in the car and headed for some roadside pillows near the furthest Western Peninsula of Hokkaido. However we once again ran into problems. After three long hours in the car, the road was closed due to potential avalanches, so we decided to turn around… We of course looked at the coast and took some scenic pics, but the next day was more of the same. No solid decision-making, long drives and no productivity. The only fortunate thing was, after 2 more hours in the car, we finally strapped our skis on for a little soul shredding night session in Grand Hirafu.

Which now leads us to today… Back tracking once again, with a two-hour drive to Teine in Sapporo for better snow. After shattering the window in our van during the drive down, we finally found pow! Hopefully this sets the pace for the rest of the trip. Stay tuned…

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