Occupy Democracy: How Hemp Can Fix America And Save The World

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Occupy Democracy

How Hemp Can Fix America And Save The World

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and security of the nation."

-Thomas Jefferson

During the Occupy Movement it was striking that the activists had a great idea about what the problem was with a convoluted sense of what a solution might be. So the world moaned and groaned at the idealist celebration as it faded into the chatter of media mockery. But the movement showed a true spark for a desire to change and make the world a better and just place. As a society and as a people the growth of technology and the rise of powerful institutions has created a cancer in America that is not only literally causing cancer, it's also benefitting a small percentage of the elite that have been pulling the strings for hundreds of years to keep the money machine burning and churning while the average citizen struggles to make ends meat. But pretty soon we're going to run out of stuff to burn, pretty soon Marx's critique of capitalism is going to be dead on, pretty soon we're going to find out that Communism is even worse. So where does that leave us? The most tragic part about writing this article is that the answer is in plain sight and it always has been. There is a solution so simple, so powerful, so revolutionary, that it comes from the very symbol and essence of positive change: a seed.

Hemp is marijuana's male cousin and it's gotten a bad rap from the American Government before and during its prohibition in 1937 as a part of the Marijuana Tax Act; which effectively made the possession and transfer of cannabis illegal through imposition of an excise tax on all sales of hemp. The hemp plant produces only trace amounts of Tetrahyrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes one high. Hemp will not get you high. In fact, if you wanted to get rid of all the illegal pot grown in the country you would plant massive amounts of hemp because hemp fertilizes the female marijuana crop and lowers its THC yield by 50% per growth period. Yet Hemp is still scheduled as a class 1 narcotic putting it in the same boat as heroin, mescaline and a long list of other nasty life threatening drugs. Hemp, a seemingly harmless plant, has been attacked and demonized by the United States Federal Government since the dawn of anti cannabis propaganda in the 1920s and the fervor of the "Reefer Madness" culture of fear and misinformation. The result? Nearly 100 years of prohibition and billions of taxpayer dollars spent on a destructive and pointless drug war. So what's the deal with hemp? Why is the government so afraid to change its classification and legalize it nation wide?

The answer stems from the fact that Hemp is beyond harmless; in fact it's an incredible plant with thousands of uses and practical applications that would literally revolutionize every industry in America and the world. When I ask people what they know about Hemp the common responses are: "Didn't they use it to make rope or something?" or "Oh I'm not into pot." There is very little common knowledge about Hemp because that knowledge is incredibly dangerous to the institutions that currently reside in unreasonable amounts of money and power. Our economy is currently centered on G.O.D. Gold, oil and drugs. But what fuels the whole system is its most important component: OIL. Plastics, composites, and fuels are all made from petroleum products. The military industrial complex runs off of oil, it's one of our main interests in the Middle East and the main source of modern day resource conflicts. Oil is also the product that puts unfathomable amounts of money into the pockets of the 1%, the same elites that then use that money to buy the American political system and ensure that the destructive war machine keeps turning to secure their interests and keep the money flowing while American citizens die on foreign soil and taxpayers are wrung clean for their hard earned money. A recent study by Princeton in 2014 has shown through empirical data that the American political system can no longer be classified as a Democracy, but is instead an Oligarchy where elites are in control of political outcomes. To put it bluntly, a greedy few are literally destroying the planet through the oppression and manipulation of resources, politics and information. Hemp can bring down this system, it has the ability to hit the 1% where it hurts: their wallets.

Walk into a room and look around you. Anything in that room made of wood, metal, concrete, composite or plastic can be made all naturally from hemp. These products would be non-toxic, biodegradable, more durable, and much cheaper to manufacture. Now walk outside, take a look at all the cars in the street. The fuel, the metal bodies, the plastic interiors, even the seats could all be made naturally from hemp. Biodiesel fuel from hemp burns clean and releases one third of the carbon dioxide gases that petroleum emits. This fuel could be produced domestically and would cost less than fifty cents per gallon. Because hemp is a plant that grows like a weed and has no issues with monocropping, or any need for pesticides because of its naturally produced predator repellant oils, it would create a completely sustainable economy free from harmful toxic chemicals.

You're probably thinking to yourself that these are far-fetched claims. However, you only need to ask Google a few questions to find myriads of information supporting these realities. In fact, this isn't even new knowledge, it's old knowledge that's been rediscovered. Our Fore Fathers used Hemp for oils, paper, clothing, rope, animal feed and food for themselves. Hemp seeds are a super food complete with all essential proteins people need and it also happens to be mankind’s oldest food source. The first Model T-Fords were made of hemp and ran on biodiesel Hemp fuel. Henry Ford was one of the country's greatest proponents of Hemp cultivation and manufacturing. During World War 2 the federal government briefly lifted the ban on Hemp in 1942 as a part of the "Hemp For Victory!" campaign and urged farmers to grow Hemp to aid in the war effort. And aid it did, yet the plant was quickly and quietly swept under the rug again and made illegal by the U.S. Government after the war was won.

Another quality of Hemp can be found in its CBD content or cannibidiol oil. CBD is the strongest antioxidant on the planet and also the cure to dozens of diseases such asAcne,ADD/ADHD,Addiction,AIDS,ALS,Alzheimer’s,Anorexia,Antibiotic resistance,Anxiety,Atherosclerosis,Arthritis,Asthma,Autism,Bipolar,Cancer,Colitis/Crohn’s,Depression,Diabetes,Endocrine disorders,Epilepsy/seizure,Fibromyalgia,Glaucoma,Heart disease,Huntington’s,Inflammation,Irritable bowel,Kidney disease,Liver disease,Metabolic syndrome,Migraine,Mood disorders,Motion sickness,Multiple sclerosis,Nausea,Neurodegeneration,Neuropathic pain,Obesity,OCD,Osteoporosis,Parkinson’s,Prion/Mad Cow disease,PTSD,Rheumatism,Schizophrenia,Sickle cell anemia,Skin conditions,Sleep disorders,Spinal cord injury,StressStroke/TBI. CBD oil would essentially run the destructive opiate dominated pharmeucitical industry to the hellish depths from which it arose to poison and kill citizens in the guise of "treatments." If you take a close look at the Pharmaceutical industry and other institutions everything is marketed in the form of "treatments" with addtional symptoms requiring even more "treatments" yet there is almost nothing that claims to be a "cure" or remedy that won't create any additional harm or requirements for more treatments. That's because cures ruin repeat business, and institutions much like the individual operate primarily from the desire for self-preservation. And what keeps these institutions running? Money. The more money an institution makes the longer and stronger it will thrive and survive. Therefore, if you take a look at the way things operate in society today; it's plain to see that profit is the number one priority for institutions regardless of its cost to the environment or human beings. Reality has become a mirror image of the way these institutions operate, and now we have a world that is on fire, we have people crying out for peace and justice, for sanity and community. The Earth hungers for something to remedy its ills, Mother Nature craves for people to resort to stewardship instead of cancerous consumption and complacent ignorance. There is so much at stake for everyone and everything here, the answers to these problems can be found on Google by any person, and yet when I ask somebody about Hemp they have no clue to the depths in which the conversation will turn.

Now we know that Hemp can change the world drastically. Unfortunately, the vehicle for that change comes from the largest, strongest, and most destructive institution on the entire planet: The Federal Government of The United States of America. The same government controlled by the same elites that have insane amounts of money and power, the very people that control the politics, the banks and all the rules of the institutional framework. And this is the reality where the culture of defeatism in this country rears it's ugly head. "What can I do about it, I'm just one person." "We're too far gone anyway nothing can stop what's going to happen." or "Why vote, its not like it means anything anyway." These are the common claims of citizens spanning through several generations. I do agree with the voting claim somewhat; in a plutocratic system posing as a representative Democracy your vote doesn't typically result in effectual change...that is if your talking about showing up at the polls. There is a more powerful form of voting that can enact changes instantly which most Americans overlook: voting with your dollar. We do it several times a day and your money spent is literally a vote for the survival of that particular product, company and industry. The votes we make with the money in our pocket shapes the future more than any other daily activity we can participate in. Although Hemp is fighting for its legality there are still many domestic and imported Hemp products that you can vote for by purchasing. From clothing, to food, to building materials, the miracle plant is crashing markets here and overseas. What's the best way to push the movement forward? Vote for it, over and over again. When you first start purchasing Hemp products you'll find that they aren't the cheapest. Not yet anyway, legal restrictions on the plant are the only reason that the products aren't cheaper than dirt, which they will eventually be if we all continue to vote for them. Don't turn on the T.V. and suckle down a coke while claiming to be powerless. You can do something powerful, you can change the world and become a seed for a new revolutionary imagining: a society of liberty, justice and peace.

With all of the amazing things that the Hemp plant can do its important to examine the potential consequences of a Hemp-based economy to truly put it's potential into a proper context. This isn't airie fairie, free love, idealist hippie garbage. This is the future; Hemp is the key to fixing the ills of society and saving the human race from destroying itself. In our current system war fuels the economy and keeps the oil burning. Exploitation rules the apparel and toy industries with millions worldwide are working as slaves to produce cheap goods for developed nations. The "2012 Global estimate of forced labor" estimates that 20.9 million people are victims of forced labor, the most during any point in history. Produce is grown with pesticides and genetically modified practices that destroy the environment and pollute human bodies. Our media is centered on generating fear and insecurity that leads to heightened consumption and a higher GDP. Government supports the wars, supports big Pharma, the exploitation, the central banks, the complacency, the ignorance, and all the destructive practices that will insure the survival of the prevailing institutions for as long as the resources will last. This is a system that will sow the seeds of it's own destruction as Marx envisioned in 1848.

Let's for just a moment imagine a society where Hemp is legalized and its benefits are pursued to the highest extent. First we'll begin with the environment. This plant is one of few in the world where all parts can be used entirely and for multiple purposes. Hemp plants produce four times more oxygen than trees and gobble up two times the amount of carbon dioxide. One acre of hemp will produce as much fiber as two to three acres of cotton and requires half the amount of water to manufacture textiles. As stated before there aren't issues with monocropping, Hemp can be planted on the same soil without wearing it out and depleting nutrients. In fact, hemp can be utilized to remediate soil nutrients and can also be cultivated in 80% of the Earth's climates. The plant has even been utilized to pull nuclear toxins out of soil in a process known as phyto-remediation. Biodiesel fuel for cars would reduce pollution by two thirds in comparison to petroleum fuels and would also be completely sustainable. Plastics made from hemp oils are non-toxic and biodegradable. Homes made from hempcrete are the strongest homes in production and the plant fibers continue to gobble up small amounts of CO2 making them reverse carbon neutral. Clothing from Hemp is non-toxic, biodegradable, anti microbial (cleans your body as you perspire), hypoallergenic and softer to the touch than silk. Animal feed would be all-natural with no hormones. The Hemp plant can also be grown without pesticides and the resulting organic superfood from the abundance of seeds makes for a healthy and cheap non-GMO food source. Hemp seeds also benefit the digestive system and have been used to cure stomach cancer. Not only can Hemp fix the current environmental issues produced by the petro-chemical quagmire of our times, it could potentially reverse it.

In the Millennial era domestic production and manufacturing in the U.S. has been declining steadily as we rely more on cheap exploitative labor for imported products that can be sold at an incredibly low price for a great amount of profit. As a result unemployment is a constant battle, more citizens become conditioned to rely on governmental institutions to provide them with the means to survive. Wage minimums remain stagnant as inflation influenced by central banks like the Federal Reserve consistently lowers the value of the dollar; essentially taking money from the middle and lower classes more and more as time ticks on. The price of products continues to rise as the supply and demand ratio of petroleum effects the market of everything and thus, even the finite quality of oil is utilized by the elite to make even more profits. If Hemp were legalized in America there would be an agricultural, scientific, and manufacturing boom that would take place here on our soil. Currently Hemp and cannabis research isn't taking place because it's prohibited in most states as well as federally. Because hemp is grown easily and it's natural qualities make it easier to manufacture, products would be much cheaper in a Hemp-based economy. The domestic production and consumption would strengthen the lower classes and create millions if not billions of jobs. Within such a powerful domestic and sustainable paradigm, there would be the opportunity to explore a free market centered on the idea of circular capitalism. In a system where everything is biodegradable and can be reproduced through agriculture there is a cyclical property that allows for the opportunity of a free market devoid of governmental regulations and devious manipulations that serve the elites that own the government. Most progressives and democrats shudder at the idea of a free market. But in a free market the best product wins, especially if that product also happens to be the cheapest. Hemp liberation would revolutionize the consequences of a free market to serve the people while eliminating the industries and institutions that exist today and continually strengthen the wealth and power of the 1%. In a highly domesticated economy buying local would actually result in cheaper products and large faceless corporations would fade into history as a painful reminder of the costs of institutional frameworks that operate on self-preservation. Regulation of currency through central banks will become easier to correct as the elites that own them lose their money and power. If Hemp were freed from prohibition there is no question that the economy would transform and begin to benefit the people rather than an elitist class of greedy psychopaths.

Perhaps the greatest effect that Hemp will have is on the politics and culture of society. As the economy weakens government dependence grows stronger. With heightened dependence come justifications for growth, higher taxes, and intrusive unconstitutional laws. As government grows so do the tools for the elites to continue war mongering while raping the world of its resources. Perhaps the most powerful quality of the Hemp plant is its ability to influence the creation of self-sufficiency in society. When people can literally grow their own fuel, clothing, paper, food, and medicine, the ability to alleviate government dependence will be available to all. Even in urban centers community and rooftop gardens could fuel, feed and clothe entire cities without the need to import billions of products each year. Without broad institutional dependence government will begin to shrink, policies will change, and the largest most destructive institution on the planet will transform to serve the people rather than exploit them. In the Millennial era America has been involved in more international conflicts than any other period. There are many reasons for war, but on a single planet with finite resources that are consumed more rapidly each day most conflicts are inevitably centered on those waning resources. The elite's hunger for G.O.D. (gold, oil and drugs) fuels our international conflicts and continues to fill their pockets. When all of the resources we need can be grown from a seed the military industrial complex that fuels war mongering will become obsolete. Of course many will argue that we go to war to protect people that can't protect themselves from dangerous regimes. This may be true; however in an America where Hemp is legal, we will be looking towards that end for war exclusively and that particular claim can no longer be levied to convolute our true reasons for warring with another nation or its people. It will also prevent false flag operations from being manipulated because the war machine will no longer be needed for G.O.D. when Hemp products derail the piracy. Whether our government had a hand in 9/11 or not, it cannot be disputed that we as a nation have been suspected for false flag operations to justify entering international conflicts. Hemp will remedy war mongering and the need to police the world for the sake of our own institution's self interests. Without a giant war machine taxes will shrink. In 2014 the government burned up 1.5 trillion dollars on a failed F-35 fighter jet funded by taxpayer money. With less people relying on the government for its services welfare recipients will decrease causing taxes to drop even further and thus allowing more small local businesses to grow. Without government oppression and exploitation communities will become stronger, society will operate smarter and thousand page regulations will no longer need to be debated over by teams of lobbyists, lawyers and politicians. The realization of a Hemp-based society will loosen the strangleholds of the elite controlled institutions and there will be the opportunity for democracy to once again triumph over the dredges of Oligarchy.

Whether you're a donkey or elephant, libertarian or progressive, the utility of Hemp has to make sense. The idea of a circular economy that can fix the environment, end war, and benefit the people must be an idea that can reach past political divides and influence citizens to band together in order to legalize the most beneficial plant for human beings to ever exist on Earth. The tools to end institutional dependence and elite control are emerging into the light of legalization in several states but the true battle will come at the federal level. Don't become a victim to the culture of defeatism. Vote with your dollar, support activist organizations, and spread your newly gained knowledge to family and friends. Become a seed for positive change and plant many more along your journey. The institutions and elites can only suppress the information for so long. We can regain control of our political system; together we can save the world and create a brighter future for many generations to come.

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