No-hand Suicide Over The Kraken Story

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New full time job like audio-video producer/editor, winter trainings and stuff,made me to totally forgot this page.. But not any more.. Here is a little project on our new downhill course. WILD BOAR

Rider: Nikola Klacinski (me)
Text and photo: Stephan Bednaic

Downhill crew got their hands dirty and over the past months build a new trail – Wild Boar. And at the bottom they made a huge jump over a creek nicely named The Kraken. Nikola called me and said – listen dude, we have a huge jump and I’ll try a suicide nohand over it. Wait what? The weekend came, batteries ready and charged, gear packed, off I went to see what exactly did he mean by huge. Boy was I in a surprise…

Nikola was all pumped up doing some test jumps while I was soaking wet in the stream getting my gear ready. One moment he just yelled “I’m going for it!”, “Do it bro!” I yelled back at him thinking that I’ll get a great shoot ether way. If he bails, we’ll all laugh about that one time he did a suicide into the creek, at least I’ll have proof… He went over the lip, released his hands into the air and lands that thing down. All while I was pressing that shutter button. “I knew I got that thing dialled, now lets do it with style!” – After a few jumps we made it, the final shoot:

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