Nine Knights' Monster Showdown: Halldor Helgason vs. Kevin Backstrom

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Suzuki Nine Knights brings together some of the best big air specialists in snowboarding and freeskiing for a part-slopestyle, part-photography contest. 19-year-old Swede Sven Thorgren dominated the competition, winning Big Air and Ruler of the Week.

Neither Halldor Helgason nor Kevin Backstrom won anything at Nine Knights, but their showdown has become an Internet sensation. Halldor and his brother, Eiki, travel the world filming creative urban and park clips for their site,, which actually helped to sponsor the Nine Knights event. The Icelandic brothers are advocates of style over big spins, so much so that Halldor and Ethan Morgan released an anti-Olympics edit which prevented the former from participating in Sochi. Similarly controversial, Kevin Backstrom got kicked off the Swedish snowboard team for posting too many photos of girls' asses on his Instagram. Here's their showdown.

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