News: Utah Avalanche Center To Close Early April Over Budget Concerns

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From The Salt Lake Tribune:

The Utah Avalanche Center will close up shop for the season on April 3 despite snowy backcountry terrain that continues to beckon skiers and snowmobilers. “It’s a matter of budgeting,” said Bruce Tremper, the director of the nonprofit-U.S. Forest Service partnership. “We’re just like anybody else. There’s a certain amount of money, and we have to stick to the budget.” The center provides avalanche forecasting for a wide swath of Utah. And as snow continues to pile up in the high country, that information is as critical as ever. Garrett Drew Smith, 26, died Saturday after being caught in a massive slide on Big Horseshoe Mountain in Manti-LaSal National Forest in central Utah’s Sanpete County. His was Utah’s second avalanche victim this season. An Evanston, Wyo., snowmobiler died Nov. 26 in the Cherry Hill area of the Uinta Mountains.

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Here's a snapshot of the snowy conditions in Utah's backcountry throughout March 2011.

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