News: Skier Killed In Hatcher Pass, Alaska Avalanche

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From The Frontiersman:

An avalanche buried one skier and broke another’s leg Saturday evening.

According to Trooper Richard Chambers, there were two parties relatively close to one another skiing at the time of the slide. One party — two men — were caught in the avalanche. The other party stopped to help. While one went to the nearest parking lot to summon rescuers, the other two started digging.

As of 8 p.m., the two diggers were still on the mountain, as was the man with the broken leg. The man buried had not been recovered. An Alaska State Troopers helicopter could not land where the three people were because the slope of the mountain was too steep. Troopers instead dropped a bag of supplies to them.

They called for a military helicopter that could use a hoist to pull the people up and therefore wouldn’t have to land. As night fell, troopers decided not to put anyone on the mountain and to bring the three people there back.

“It will resume again at 8 in the morning,” Chambers said.

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