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October 10, 2011

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White will be on the Rachael Ray show today. In the above clip you can hear him talk about how he almost lost his Olympic medal at the dry cleaner. Check your local listings and tune in to hear him talk about important topics like his routine for perfect hair, “To be honest, it's just water," White says on the show. "It's like a houseplant. I've got to water it. That's it. Maybe a little head out the car window on the way over.”

White also talks about his new action sports product line, Supply Co.

Supply Co. is the new company we started and basically the idea was to recreate the way first time skateboarders get introduced to the sport. Because if you're shown it in the wrong light, it's just a bummer. You get turned off really easily. Especially for mom going into the store, it's really intimidating what you're going to buy and what's the good stuff and the bad stuff. And so we made this with bigger wheels and the biggest trucks — more stable. Just easier things to get over the sidewalk cracks and all those things.”

Like scooters:

Supply Co. Scooters

Disgust? Discuss.

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