News: Shannan Yates Wins The North Face Masters Of Snowboarding At Crystal Mountain

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Crystal Mountain Washington

Crystal Mountain, Washington — Extreme and challenging conditions were the theme of the day Thursday for the womens finals of The North Face Masters of Snowboarding. The ladies battled low visibility, variable snow conditions and highly technical terrain in their quest to win the title at Crystal Mountain.

Twelve of big mountain snowboarding's best female riders put it all on the line on the massive Silver King peak. With only a visual inspection to aid in their line choice, it was Shannan Yates' years of experience that led to her win. Riding fast and fluidly, Yates, of Snowbird, Utah, hit three airs with a confidence that impressed the judging panel, scoring 78.67. This is her fifth win of the Katana Sword.

Less than half of a point separated Maria DeBari and Maribeth Swetkoff-Kramer in second and third place, scoring 71.67 and 71.33. The level of riding and talent on display was incredibly impressive, especially considering the challenges faced.

Heavy fog and snow made running the mens field impossible, postponing their final run to Feb. 17 at 9:30 am PST.

The North Face Masters Womens Results From Crystal Mountain 2012The North Face Masters Crystal Mountain

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