News: Sean Pettit Wins Red Bull Linecatcher In France, Sage Takes 4th

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After an exciting qualifying yesterday the pre-qualified athletes and the 3 that qualified took to the legendary eyssina face with a reckless abandon. Hurling their meat high into the air, the day in the ed belonged to Canadian Sean Pettit who crushed the face with pure confidence.


1. Sean Pettit
2. Markus Eder
3. Tim Durtschi
4. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
5. Chris Booth
6. Leo Taillefer
7. Wiley Miller
8. JP Auclair
9. Richard Permin
10. Mathieu Imbert
11. Nicolas Vuignier
12. Anthony Boronowski
13. Chris Benchetlerr
14. Bene Mayr
15. Rory Bushfield

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