News: Sarah Burke Still In Critical Condition After Crash In Park City

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Sarah Burke
After a crash in a Park City Resort halfpipe on Tuesday, Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke remains at the University of Utah Hospital in critical condition. She is under close monitoring by a multidisciplinary team coordinated by neurointensivist Safdar Ansari, M.D.

"Sarah remains in critical condition in the Neuro Critical Care Unit”, said Ansari. "With traumatic brain injury, our care is focused on addressing the primary injury and preventing secondary brain damage, as well as managing other injuries sustained at the time of the accident; all of which requires close monitoring and intensive care. At this moment, Sarah needs more time before any prognosis can be determined."

Friends and fans may continue to post their well wishes on Sarah’s Facebook page.

A press conference will be held on Monday, January 16, 2012, at the University of Utah Clinical Neurosciences Center.

Read more about what happened here.

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