News: Olympic Silver Medalist Jeret Peterson Commits Suicide

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From The Denver Post:

"Jeret "Speedy" Peterson's life was defined as much by the chances he took as the things that he won.

He walked into a Vegas casino with a few grand he couldn't afford to lose and left with a cool half-million he later threw away.

He regularly soared off a ramp, 50 feet into the frigid air, and tried the "Hurricane"—a trick nobody in a sport full of daredevils would even consider.

He branded himself as a free spirit, a lone wolf and a bit of a cowboy, then dared people to come inside and learn the real truth, even when it wasn't so comfortable to hear.

Peterson was found dead Monday night. Police ruled it a suicide, saying he called 911 before shooting himself in a remote canyon in Utah. He was 29. His death came a few days after the freestyle skier, who had admitted he battled depression and alcohol problems, was arrested for drunk driving in Idaho. A year earlier, a few days before he won the silver medal at the Vancouver Olympics, Peterson said he had given up alcohol."

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