News: Neil Elliot Earns World's First PhD In Snowboarding

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There's no denying that feeling of flying through powder at less than rational speeds, hammering turns and going all out into the white room is a spiritual experience. But this story is not something I would have expected, a member of the Anglican Church in Canada has written his PhD thesis on the spiritual aspect of snowboarding. It's an interesting thesis choice considering the cultural roots of snowboarding exist in the rebellious hesh attitude of the 80's. But that was a long time ago and snowboarding has come a long way since then. Congratulations go out to "Dr. Soulride", or more formally Rev. Neil Elliot for his achievement to be the first person to earn a PhD by writing a thesis on snowboarding. If you want to see more of his thesis click the link at the bottom.

From London Evening Standard:

A vicar has become the first person to be awarded a "PhD in snowboarding" after studying at Kingston University.

The Rev Neil Elliot's doctorate in the sociology of religion involved analysing the relationship between spirituality and snowboarding in his thesis.

A snowboarder for 15 years, he was inspired to research the area after hearing fellow fans of the sport describe moments of "Zen" while on the slopes - and concluded that despite church attendance falling, spirituality is still important in youth culture.

He said: "I came across the term 'soul riding' and was fascinated by it. My aim was to see what it meant for riders and if it was spiritual."

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