News: Lars Chickering-Ayers & Angel Collinson Win Freeskiing Extreme Championships In Crested Butte

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February 20, 2011

Crested Butte, Colorado (Freeskiing World Tour) - With more than 12 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours, the final day of the 20th Annual Subaru U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Championships came to an end giving top honors to Snowbird, UT native and last year’s overall tour winner, Angel Collinson and Mad River Glen, VT local and this year’s Revelstoke Canadian Freeskiing Championships winner, Lars Chickering-Ayers.

After a drastic cut at yesterday’s Day One Staircase venue, 10 females and 27 males skied down Skadi Ridge/Spellbound this Sunday morning for Day Two finals. No surprise, Angel Collinson defending her top tour leader spot dominated the women’s field skiing a fast technical line down East L.A. Collinson skied into Spellbound and pointed a high speed double into the open apron; then she picked her way down through the trees and had a finishing score of 68.50. Dominating the women’s qualifying day and finishing 4th after Day One, Emiko Torito from Winter Park, CO, finished second with a score of 64.70. Torito came in from East L.A., dropping into the right side of the rocks, making big turns she hit a medium-size rock, skied some trees and hit one more rock on her way down to the finish line. Alta, UT’s Ashley Maxfield went into today’s competition in last place, but her hard-charging and aggressive skiing earned her a spot on the podium, finishing third with a score of 62.33. Maxfield skied the technical Toilet Bowl portion of the venue, skiing fast and fluid while dropping off some cliffs and navigating through the trees and onto the finish line.

For the men, the Chickering-Ayers brothers conquered the podium spots. Defending his top spot on Day One, Lars Chickering-Ayers came in first with a final score of 81.37. Throughout the weekend, this back-to-back champion, skied very fast, fluid and technical lines. His run for the Day Two Finals consisted of fast aggressive skiing through Toilet Bowl and then into the open powder fields of Spellbound, allowing him to hold his first place position. Local Crested Butte favorite Tom Runcie was close behind, finishing in second place with a score of 80.40. He aggressively pillow-dropped into the top of Toilet Bowl, made a big left turn straight into another pillow drop, moving into the next chute of Highlife. He capped of his run with some smooth fluid turns through the trees, into Spellbound Bowl, and then into the finish line. The youngest of the Chickering-Ayers brothers, Silas, came in third place with a score of 77.83. He dropped into Toilet Bowl with a small air, rapidly skied fall line to a 30-plus foot cliff, made it through the powdery trees, while capping the run off with a tree gap at the bottom.

Finals Highlights:

Subaru U.S. Extreme Freeskiing Championships
Crested Butte - Day 2 - Skadi Ridge
Sunday, February 20, 2011

1. Lars Chickering-Ayers, Mad River Glen, USA, 81.37
2. Tom Runcie, Crested Butte, USA, 80.40
3. Silas Chickering-Ayers, Mad River Glen, USA, 77.83

1. Angel Collinson, Snowbird, USA, 68.50
2. Emiko Torito, Winter Park, USA, 64.70
3. Ashley Maxfield, Alta/Jay Peak, USA, 62.33

1. Mike Preston, Crested Butte, USA, 65.97
2. Aaron Lypps, Crested Butte, USA, 59.30
3. Scott Kennett, Telluride, USA, 50.67

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