News: Kenai Heli Ski Opens February 2013 In Seldovia, Alaska

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Kenai Heli Skiing

SELDOVIA, Alaska - Thrill seekers have a new option when helicopter skiing in Alaska. Based in Seldovia, Alaska, Kenai Heli Ski is opening its doors in February 2013.

“Some of the world's most remote and exclusive terrain, in Alaska's Kenai Mountains, is now available to skiers and snowboards,” said Kenai Heli Ski's co-owner Njord Rota. “In good weather or bad, we guarantee 100,000 vertical feet of powder skiing in a week.”

Kenai Heli Ski has four helicopters for skiers and snowboarders to take daily trips. The company is also one of the few helicopter skiing operators that provides a snowcat for skiing in inclement weather that prevents the helicopters from flying.

The company offers weeklong packages that include transportation from Anchorage to Seldovia, lodging, meals, guides, terrain and equipment (which includes both skis and avalanche airbags). Kenai Heli Ski also offers private weeklong packages, which includes the entire lodge and a dedicated helicopter.

“We take safety seriously,” Rota said. “We are the only company that provides free avalanche airbags to our clients. We also offer logistical support and we do not 'nickel-and-dime' our clients to death with these add-ons.”

Visit for more information. Contact Njord Rota, owner, at 1-800-559-8691 or by email to

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