News: Indonesia Offers Year Round Surf Adventures

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Indo Surf

Finding it hard to surf on snow this winter? A great cure is a surf trip, especially one to Indo! Pulseline Adventure has started offering trips to surfing’s mecca region of Indonesia as a guest of their international surfing program. Perfect uncrowded waves, pristine waters and the finest accommodations in the region are just a few of the reasons you should check out this location.

Did I mention this wave factory has the most consistent lined up surf in the world? The secret on Sumatra has finally gotten out, in addition to world-class waves, you can expect the South Pacific's finest food, premier accommodations, and most knowledge surf guides.

Peak Surf Season: March – October: Recommended Board 6”2 Channel Island

Mellower Waves: November – February: Recommended Board 7”0 Fish

To learn more about this program and to check out additional images visit Pulseline Adventures website at:

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