News: Atlin, British Columbia Heli Skiing Guide Killed In Crevasse Fall

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From The Vancouver Sun:

On Sunday, the Atlin RCMP received a report of a 47-year-old Austrian heli-ski guide having fallen into a crevasse, while guiding a group of skiers, on the Swanson Glacier near Atlin, B.C.

The incident occurred when the group of four skiers accompanied by two guides, were beginning their day of skiing on the Swanson Glacier, approximately 65 kilometers southwest of Atlin, according to a news release.

Witnesses said that one of the guides had stopped to take a photograph, when the snow beneath him gave way and he plunged into a deep crevasse.

A company employee returned to the accident site after the other skiers were evacuated and was able to descend into the crevasse and confirmed the guide had suffered fatal injuries in the fall.

It was reported that the crevasse was only 1.5 m wide by 35 m deep with ice overhangs and would pose difficulties to safely effect a recovery of the dead man.

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