News: Angel Collinson & Josh Daiek Lead North American Freeskiing Championships At Kirkwood After Day 1

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February 28, 2011

Kirkwood, California (Freeskiing World Tour) - Following two weather days, Day One of the Subaru North American Freeskiing Championships went off on a gorgeous, bluebird day with four feet of fresh on Looker’s Left of The Cirque. With 98 athletes to run in an extensive 7 hours of competition, the venue lived up to its reputation taking down competitor after competitor. Some of the best athletes in the world couldn’t compete with the steep, rocky terrain. Early on, men’s tour leader Lars Chickering-Ayers took a tumble, as well as other top runners including Jacqui Edgerly, Crystal Wright, Aurelien Ducroz and Tim Dutton.

Tour leader and 2010 tour champion, Angel Collinson of Snowbird, UT, continues to dominate for the women, stomping her run with a score of 35.00. In second was New Zealand’s Janina Kuzma with a 32.37, and after taking first in Jackson Hole at the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour Qualifier, Rebecca Selig took third with a 28.60.

Kirkwood’s own Josh Daiek, who placed first in the Qualifier, took first again for the men with a 40.63. Daiek said it makes him nervous if he focuses too much on his line ahead of time; he picked his line this morning during visual inspection. In second, was last year’s Subaru North American Championships champ Dylan Crossman, of Alta/Mad River Glen with a 39.90. In third with a 39.67 was Aspen’s Ted Davenport.

“I couldn’t be happier to have done so well in this big of a show,” said Josh Daiek. “Coming into the competition I was intimidated by the names alone, but being able to compete against these world-class athletes was a big confidence booster.”

Stay tuned as 31 men and 9 women once again battle The Cirque, this time Looker’s Right, during tomorrow’s FINALS broadcast live on beginning at 9:30 a.m. Only a few times in the event’s 16 years have the athletes been able to start at the top, as they will be doing tomorrow. Judge and Olympian Jeremy Nobis encouraged athletes to pay attention to their skiing in between airs and tricks; focus on their technique and fluidity.

“Pay attention to the texture on the venue tomorrow,” said Head Judge Jim Jack. “I want to see clean control, butter those turns, and show us some nice, fluid lines.”

Ryan Hawks, Marja Persson, Aaron Schmidt and Alex George were injured during today’s competition. We wish them the best for a speedy recovery.

Day 1 Highlights:

Subaru North American Freeskiing Championships
Kirkwood - Day 1 - The Cirque
Sunday, February 27, 2011

Men's Top 3
1. Josh Daiek, Kirkwood, USA, 40.63
2. Dylan Crossman, Alta/Mad River Glen, USA, 39.90
3. Ted Davenport, Aspen USA, 39.67

Women's Top 3
1. Angel Collinson, Snowbird, USA, 35.00
2. Janina Kuzma, Cardrona, NZE, 32.27
3. Rebecca Selig, Timber Ridge, USA, 28.60

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