News: An Update From Winter X Adaptive Snocross Athlete E.J. Poplawski

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Via a post from E.J. in our forums:

Hi Everybody,

E.J. here. Well the legal Battle is over. I went to court on Monday April 18th and pled guilty to 1 class A Misdemeanor charge of Possession of Marijuana and 1 class B Misdemeanor charge of Possession of drug paraphernalia. That is it!!! no intent to distribute, no fleeing and evading, no gun charges. The truth came out in the end. I am not a drug dealer and never have been. The media and Beau Babka (The cop on the news claiming that there where 2-3 pounds of marijuana in my house) blew the whole thing way out of proportion. My roommate actually had 14 ounces of weed and I had 22 grams of weed. All Misdemeanor quantities. Beau Babka who was running for county sheriff, and lost has shown what kind of cop he is. He has been charged with two felonies for using Cottonwood Heights City funds to fill up his personal gas tank. He is charged with 2 counts but apparently it happened more than 30 times. Check out the articles here and here.

So my punishment is 12 months of unsupervised probation, 12 months of drug and alcohol evaluation and counseling, (I quit drinking and smoking weed the day before thanksgiving so that shouldn't be a problem) pay a $500 dollar fine, and forfeit my 6 guns that they confiscated worth approximately $9000. So in Utah if you get convicted of Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana you end up having your drivers license suspended for 6 months!!!! So I am waiting for a letter from the DMV revoking my license. That is a major bummer. So it is over and I am moving on.

A big cause of me getting in this whole mess is because I contracted Hepatitis C when they gave me all the Blood Transfusions when I lost my leg. I wasn't dealing with it right, I hadn't told anyone but my family and was going down the wrong path. I don't want to go into all the details but you can check out the story here. I am terribly sorry for the mess that I created and the anguish that I know a lot of you have felt over this whole thing. I thank you all for all the support you have given me and I hope I can regain all of your respect and make you proud again. Thanks so much for you continued support.

I have been continuing on with my snocross racing. After placing 4th in the X-games adaptive snocross I went up to west yellowstone and competed against all the able bodied racers. Here is a link to a photo from that event. If anybody would like a jpg image of this photo just send me an email at , Then I drove out to Wisconsin for the final stop of the ISOC series and placed 3rd in the adaptive class. Then Flew back to Vermont and competed at my home ski hill of Pico and placed 1st in the adaptive class!!! A special thanks goes out to the Green Mountain Racing team and Vermont local Chris Ackerman for letting me use his practice snowmobile to compete with.

While I was home I visited Rutland Town Elementary and Rutland High School and gave several motivational presentations to the students on what I have gone through and the problems that I have overcome. The theme of my presentations where "Never Give Up, No Matter What!!!!" Anyway, that is what I am up too. On another note if anybody needs a place to live I have a few rooms for rent and also if anybody needs anything built, decks, fences, garages, houses, anything at all please let me know. I am totally broke and need work bad!!! Also if anyone would like me to come and speak at their business, school, or organization just let me know. I am just getting started and am willing to speak for very reasonable compensation rates at this time.

Thanks a bunch

E.J. Poplawski

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