New Airbag Changes the Way Boarders Train for the 2018 Olympics

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Marc-André Tarte and the rest of the team at Progression Airbags have come up with a new style of airbag that will change the way snowboarders train for slopestyle events in the future. For now, that means the 2018 Winter Olympics, one of the most widely watched sporting events in the world. Instead of ending in a flat pillow like most traditional airbags, this new version has a slope that reflects the grade of real landings. The first one built to completion weighs in at around 12,000 pounds and is 200 feet long by 77 feet high. It currently resides in Mammoth, where pros from all over have come to test this new method of training out for themselves. The goal of the sloped airbag is to provide an arena for boarders to test out new tricks without hurting themselves, all while retaining the ability to practice landing it like a normal jump. So far, they’re loving it, and ski areas across the country have put in orders. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of these as we get closer and closer to 2018.

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