Never to old to be 'Higher'

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Getting to that ‘Higher’ state, does it just mean being born in Colorado and living the ‘high’ life for the majority of my days? Heck no! Reaching the higher state is about the adventures in life, big or small, it is where they take you and who you meet along the way. Living life with a joyful abandon of a child even as I enter the 1/2 way point of my Century long life.

Finding surfing several years ago, introduced me to a passion for the water, the movement of the wave and the healthy fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Meeting some really ‘big’ time surfers in Puerto and living the beach life for short periods of time has fueled my soul.

Feeling confined by the distance and free time – the ocean was a treat, but not a daily oasis. I realized winter was not something to escape from when I slid down my first mountain just 17 months ago. Yes, I’m a baby in the snowboarding world, but a complete freaking addict. My first season afforded my 60+ days on the mountain and I’m already counting the days down till the snow flies. Can you snowboard on Hail? I thought of trying it this summer.

I’m a fortunate one, owning my own Tattoo Shop allows for me to close the door when the snow report looks good. I had a minor set-back which shut down the tattooing this past year when I broke my wrist – but it gave me plenty of time for snowboarding – they make a BOA closure cast and I had a great ortho Doc. During the Tattoo downtime, when not snowboarding, I started sketching robot snowboarders; in fact one now adorns my own leg. Not too many guys can tattoo their outer calf – imagine yoga tattooing.

Even with the thrill of deep powder on the back bowls of Copper Mountain and a freakishly deep snow day at A-Basin in May, I dream of more. Wondering what it would be like to be on one of those backcountry lines, dropping into lay down a smooth curve and feel the rush of the earth moving under my board. Someday, before the earth takes me back, I’ll tell my neighbors – yep – I rode down that slender piece of snow on the face of Mt. Logan (a little known mountain I can see from my house).

Guess I’ll start sketching a few robots on a groovy split board.

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