Murray Hay ski paintings

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Hi, I have recently seen some comments and questions about my Dad, MurrayHay.

Murray Hay Oct 1,1931-Oct 27,2015

Dad was a self taught artist who left Regina at age 16 and began a career as a commercial artist. In 1976 Sir Rodney Touche approached him and asked if he would paint a ski map. He had no idea what a ski map was, but, he started with Lake Louise and then did the Big Three, Sunshine, Blackcomb etc. The image above is the very first ski painting that Dad ever did. This is the first Lake Louise. He painted the area so many times, and loved it.

He painted most of the areas in Canada, some multiple times. He did some work in the US, Japan and South Korea. He painted the Olympic bids for the Calgary '88 games. He painted Alyeska Alaska, and he did the bid paintings for Pyeongchang Olympics.

The image below is a rare cross country ski area map of Lake Louise. I reunited this painting and two others of Louise to the area last year. I am trying to document Dad's work. He was an interesting man, but very quiet. Not a lot has been said about him, but I have learned that for historical purposes, it's important to preserve his process. I am certainly biased, but my goal is just that.

I will try to post more images. Please comment if there is interest. I have started a Facebook page at Murray Hay Paintings as well. More information on that.


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