MTB biking in Tuscany - Punta Ala and Massa Marittima over new year!

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We spend a week biking in Tuscany, around Punta Ala Trail Center, on one of the famous trails from first Enduro World series: Rock-Oh, Sentinel, Carbonai, The Guardian, La Torretta... Second loacation was Massa Marittima with very nice flow trails and nice old city on top of the hill.


One of the famous EWS stages here in Punta Ala is Rock-OH, it is super fun to ride ;)

Our palce to stay was Punta Ala Agriturismo, about 2-3 km from sea.

In front of us on the hill is old town Massa Marittimi with fun flow trails around.

Sometimes at the end of a trail you can find a castle ;)

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