Mt. Baker Blocks Webisode - Danger Zone Episode 1/4

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Mt. Baker Blocks Webisode - Danger Zone Episode 1 from john wells on Vimeo.

Mt. Baker Blocks webisode series: Episode 1 “Danger Zone”

There are many advantages to riding at Mt. Baker, one is the Extreme Danger Zone rope line, the gnarliest of gnarnia terrain, and the ever dumping snow factor. Combine these things together and you better know what you are doing, or else that Beirut party back at the dorms might be missing a fallen soldier the next time your crew lines up!

With an open ropes policy that has embraced and still embraces aggressive riders such as: Zack Giffin, Jake Blauvelt, Tex, Craig Kelly, Lucas Debari, and most dedicated baker riders, such as myself. The goods are for the taking, IF…. And I mean are willing to enter the DANGER ZONE!!! Which means you accept that will not be rescued and you have your shit together and know what you are there to do!

So in other terms, don’t fuck up, stomp everything and have a buddy to watch your back, you are going to need it. With almost 900 inches last year, ski patrol has better things to do then rescue your dumb ass off a cliff that you know you shouldn’t be near. Just because your pro skier boyfriend, or crowned “dick head” of the group says it’s ok, think for yourself and be the master of your own terrain.

Mt. Baker ski patrol will thank you, they are way too busy trying to avoid these situations, not find them. Plus they like skiing pow pillows too!So have fun, pinch the throttle and slay those powder pillows, but make sure you stylishly duck the rope before you pull your triple cork 7 off the natty t-rain at Baker!

P.S. Most Danger Zones are right under the lifts, so be prepared to be heckled “loudly” by some PBR swilling “douche bag” with either 1 or 2 snowboards under foot if you have reservations about your rope ducking ski-zzz-ils!


Ice MAN aka…….my ego.

.......................................... Some sweet stills from the Go Pro Video edit floor ..............................................................john boost through trees.eli pow turn into the danger zone.christian chair boost.

john airChristian backflip w. Baker bkg.Mt. Baker Blocks - Go Pro Video Stills

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