Movie Review: Think Thank's Right Brain Left Brain

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Jesse Burtner and the Think Thank crew have done it again with their 7th installment of Right Brain Left Brain. Featuring riders such as Austion Hironaka, Nick Visconti, Scott Stevens and many more, this movie is a culmination of their past and demonstrates higher production quality and a level of riding never seen before from these guys.

Philosophically and physically, the DVD box is two discs with riders segments separated between the two discs. Although all make cameos throughout, this seems to be done purposely with the goal of exploring the Right Brain Left Brain thought processes of the Think Thank characters. For example, Gus Engle has a segment on one disc filled with his usual shenanigans, but on the other he throws cold, clean, stylish jibs on a variety of features. Visconti, wow! He's had a prolific year with all the Dangerzones and what looks to be a growing list of sponsors, and his part does not disappoint. Creative, surprising, and fun - everything a seg should be. Further, an unexpected and well executed cliff drop sequence was a treat from a normally jib-jedi kid.

The motion graphics for this movie were unexpectedly great. As usual, the hand-drawn sketch, the rough design, and unique flavor permeate through all their graphics and art. Notable, In Jesse Burtner's segment, he 50-50's a LONG, low consequence rail, but the motion graphics seem to blur the objective world with the subjective, creating a deja-vu experience akin to a dream.

Jess Kimura also has a stand-out part, she is truly a bad ass. Her bonus section put it all into perspective. She takes some of the hardest falls, gets as angry as LeBlanc, and tries again.

Speaking of bonuses, a bonus feature entitled Media Hour is one that mainly focuses on photographer Mike Yoshida, and, basically, how out of control he is. This had me laughing SO hard.

Through Jesse Burtner's, Tim Eddy's and Blair Habenicht's segments it is apparent these guys are always progressing their riding by challenging themselves and trying different things. These 3 all have super committing backcountry lines in their segments, but these lines are done with the creativity and the joy seen in their urban riding. I'd be stoked to see them continue exploring the backcountry and applying their unique brand of snowboarding to it.

In conclusion, a great movie well worth the bucks.


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