Mountain Bike... Los Angeles?

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If there's one thing we regret about skiing and snowboarding, is that your options for where you can do it are kind of.... limited. You know, to just the places where it snows. But one of the things we're most excited about as we gear up for bigger coverage of the mountain bike world this spring and summer is that you can ride a bike pretty much damn near anywhere, from Kansas to Wisconsin to Hong Kong to Columbia, and, as we find out in this classicly stunning video from Red Bull, the great section of pavement and smog known as Los Angeles.

As it turns out, the trails in the Santa Monica mountains high above the inbred Hollywood hold some pretty rad trails, and as Curtis Keene makes it clear, you can go very fast on a bike within spitting distance of the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In fact, the hills of Southern California host a lot of good mountain biking, and are the stomping grounds for the product developers at places like Fox and Turner and the staff at Bike Magazine.

Is there a more random mountain bike destination than LA we should look into this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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