Mont Blanc: The Land Of Toys Is The Gnarliest Trailer You'll See This Fall

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Okay, in fairness to Chamonix-Mont Blanc snowboarder Xavier de la Rue, Luca Rolli's Mont Blanc: The Land of Toys isn't full of terrifying, paramotor-assisted descents in the middle of nowhere. So it's not as gnarly as that.

It does, however, feature puckeringly steep couloir riding on Mont Blanc–and an appearance from the late, great Andreas Fransson.

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Rolli, a mountain guide and an accomplished mountaineer, lives on the Italian side of Mont Blanc in Courmayeur where he produces films about local pros and their extreme descents. His latest effort, which won the Dolomythos Award at Adventure Outdoor Fest award this summer, will be released online in late December.

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